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Create An App
Basic Setup Guide

• STEP 1

Go to the New Azure App Developer Portal and click the “New Registration” button.

• STEP 2

Enter your application name, and leave the “Supported accounts type” on the one that mentions “personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)”.

• STEP 3

Choose “Public client/native (mobile & desktop)” and enter “” for the Redirect URI.

• STEP 4

Click “Register” to register your app, and continue to the next steps.

• STEP 5

On this page, you now can see your “Application (client) ID”.
Copy this into XAuth for your app setup.

• STEP 6

On the white sidebar (to the left), click “Certificates & secrets”.
This is where you will generate your secret/password for your app.

• STEP 7

On the new page, under “Client secrets” click “New client secret” and create a new password that never expires.
Copy this into XAuth for your app setup. You only see it once!


Add a description for the client secret.


Under “Branding”, you can customize your app with a logo, website, and terms of service.
— If your doing this, don’t forget to verify your app!

• STEP 10

Complete filling in your details to create your first app.


Navigate to “https://{App_Key}” and it should work.

New App Form
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This is optional, and only required if you want a vanity domain.
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